What we do


The IMF srl is a young and long experience Firm, born in the 1994 and operating in that fashionable world that wheels around the Coffee planet.

Young Firm and then agile and efficient, ductile and technologically advanced, supported and conducted by persons who have in this field the knowledge and the prestige of many years of experience.

The Coffee is at the centre of our work: we roast it, transforming it in brown uniforms coffee-beans, we transport it on silos of every dimensions then to grind and pack it.

We “treat” this “magic” product in the most rational and delicate way, following rules that respects the old natural process.

Our INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURE is composed by four sectors, well delineated:

a)      Planning and Constructing Sector

We attend to the planning,  construction and sale of Coffee Roasters and Coffee Grinders

of little, medium and big size.

Our machines, with a capacity of 5-15-30-60-120-180-240-360 KG. for each production cycle,  presents advanced technical solutions, also respecting the continuous  research of quality product.

b)     Coffee Ensilage Plants

Sometimes as equipment of these machines can be request us also Ensilage and Movement  Coffee plants. We are in a position to be present on the market, thanks to our responsible technicians, with the greatest efficiency and seriousness, could satisfy every request from the Roasting to the Packing.

c)      Machines and Plants Assistance Service

Another sector where we operate with competency and seriousness is the Technical Assistance to Roasting Machines and Roasting Plants already working. With an agile and professionally  intervention capacity, we are in a position to propose us to the customers, always interested in this field, demonstrating the greatest care and commitment.

d)     Reconditioning Used Coffee Roasters

We can receive from the market used Coffee Roasters of every capacity.

In this case we completely renew these machines for every request.

To realize all this, we know that we can count on a qualified and specialized staff, on efficient equipments and on a high level co-operation.

The IMF srl is then at completely disposal of all the operators so satisfy with a professional work whatever request and necessity.

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