Roasting machines RM-240 series

  • IMF modern compact commercial roasters are the best that current technology cant provide in the coffee roasting industry. They can roast tonnes of coffee batch after batch and still give even consistency, regardless of whether it’s the first or last batch of the day thanks to unique VORTEX and EQUALIZER system. The touch-screen PLC can automatically control every stage of the roasting process with the touch of a finger.

  • These roasters use a specially designed combustion chamber that simultaneously heats the roaster & treats the emissions. This technology saves at least 30 per cent in gas consumption compared to traditional machines with separate afterburner.

  • “VORTEX” system mixes ambient air into the hot airstream before it enters the roaster via an electronically operated modulating valve, so the air is already at the correct temperature before entering the drum, giving consistently uniform temperature of the hot airstream through the entire roasting process.

  • EQUALIZER” ensures the same volume of air enters into the roaster. This feature delivers equal volumes of hot air both inside and surrounding the perforated alloy drum surface, giving even heat distribution across the entire surface of the coffee beans, and eliminating any temperature fluctuations inside the drum.

CRS Model with manual roasting curve, incorporated afterburner, VORTEX+EQUALIZER, manual cycle.
CRA Model with incorporated afterburner, VORTEX+EQUALIZER, automatic cycle
CRAS Model with automatic roasting curve, incorporated afterburner, VORTEX+EQUALIZER, automatic cycle.
RM240 Scontorno

OPTIONALS: – FCU unit – pressur type green loader – insulated hopper – destoner – Continuous chaff extractor

Download leaflet in PDF format: RM240_e

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